When Crushing Deflation Destroys America

By George Blackburne

Deflation? Oil is marching towards $100 per barrel. The cost of commodities is soaring. How could deflation possibly take hold?

It's the debt. Americans owe over $20 trillion. The interest payments on all of that debt act like a giant sponge that eventually soaks up most of the new money the Fed tries to create. We are on the verge of a deflationary collapse, and any sudden shock to the economy could push us over the edge. Your retirement portfolio would be decimated. It's not inflation that keeps Ben Bernanke up at night. He was hired to combat deflation.

In this story Islamic terrorists attack America, but not with spectacular explosions.  Instead Muslim-American serial killers terrorize the country.  These killers target individual Americans at random.  The police are almost powerless to stop them because each murder is an attack of opportunity, and there is no central planning.  Hundreds of innocent people are murdered until most Americans are afraid to leave their homes. 

When a few banks get nervous and stop lending, the U.S. money supply begins to contract in a feed-forward system.  Every day the money supply contracts even further.  (Your retirement portfolio may someday hinge on your understanding of how the reverse multiplier effect works.) The resulting Great Deflation destroys the economy of America.  Almost 100 million Americans lose their jobs.  Thirty million Americans lose their homes.  The homeless and hungry are desperate and violent.

What would life be like for you and your family in a deflationary depression?  What would you eat?  Where would you live?  If the survival of your children was at stake, how far would you go?  Is there anything you can do now to prepare?  This is an action-adventure story that will thrill you … and it will make you a wiser investor.

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